Off to South Africa!

Today has been a long, busy day of packing, packing, and more packing!!! In case you haven’t already heard, I’m leaving tomorrow (Jan. 21st) for South Africa! I’ll be spending 3 weeks there visiting my dear friend, Jerusala! I’m SO excited to be going back for the 3RD time to visit her in South Africa! SUMMER is the season they are in right now and I am happy to be packing accordingly. (It felt so good to bring out all my Summer clothes and shoes in January.) We will be close to the beach for most of my time there (eeeek!) I’ve been very anxious to spend time at the sea again.


I will continue to post here on the blog while I am gone, but my posts may be a bit sporadic as internet is limited. Be sure to keep up with my Instagram feed (my handle is @ruthsusanna) as I plan to keep the posts there regular with updates and fun photos from my trip. I am hoping some elephants may reach my IG feed as I have been promised a visit to an Elephant Game Park while in SA. 😉 Lastly, be sure you keep an eye out for February’s fine art self-portrait! I am packing some things in hopes of doing a neat concept on the beach in South Africa!!!!



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