Joanna // Ethereal Session in the SNOW!

Who else has a little sister who agrees to model for you in 16F weather, in the snow, with no coat?! I was so pleased when she agreed I could do her hair & makeup and take her out into the crazy cold for portraits the other week! She endured the weather for almost an entire hour in a formal dress and light shawl… what?! I seriously don’t know HOW she survived it so well, but her and I had a great time together prepping and doing this Ethereal Session in the snow. I’m so in love with how her portraits turned out… and I may be biased, but I think I have an incredibly beautiful sister (you may think the same, though, once you’re finished looking through these dreamy portraits)!!


IMG_3740 IMG_3771IMG_3868 IMG_3799 IMG_3820 IMG_3840 IMG_3854 IMG_3894 IMG_3965 IMG_3976IMG_3942 IMG_3987 IMG_4006 IMG_4053 IMG_4069 IMG_4077 IMG_4085 IMG_4108


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