Darin & Lydia’s Wedding Day — Fargo, ND

When I received a call from my cousin Lydia saying she wanted me to be her wedding photographer I was honored and incredibly excited! Being the photographer at a wedding is fun, of course, when you’re friends with the bride, but twice as much fun when she’s your cousin too!! I’m so happy for Lydia and her groom, Darin! He got an amazing girl, and seems like a pretty great guy himself–he’s an awesome addition to our big clan of fun Ueland relatives!!

Lydia chose a rustic, but elegant winter theme for her wedding. The deep red dresses added such elegance and the pine cones, evergreens, and antlers gave it a rustic feel. Her bouquets were so unique without a single flower, but filled instead with berries, pine cones & needles, and twigs–I loved how the rustic and wintery style flowed so perfectly into the bouquets!! But, one of my favorite things from this wedding was the cake!! It was a naked layer cake, except it wasn’t even cake–it was BROWNIES!!! (Yes, of course I had a piece of it served with vanilla ice cream and it was absolutely amazing!!)

Darin & Lydia’s wedding day ended up being -1F with a windchill of -20F below!! Needless to say, that nixed our plan for doing portraits outdoors. We did venture out a couple times for just a few minutes, but mostly stayed inside where we didn’t feel chilled to the bone inside 30 seconds. It was an extra challenge for me as the photographer, but a good challenge and I loved the experience to grow!


I am in LOVE with Lydia’s wedding set! So stunning!

IMG_4387Isn’t Lydia’s dress so elegant? Want to know the best part about it?! Her sister, Maria, made it for her!!! I can’t believe what an incredible job Maria did with the ruching and layers of chiffon!IMG_4385

IMG_4449darin-lydia-1 IMG_4789 IMG_4792_MG_5578

IMG_4605_MG_5585 IMG_4827 IMG_4847_MG_5602 IMG_5065_MG_5631 IMG_5539

This portrait is one of my favorites from the wedding day!! What a beautiful moment as Lydia’s daddy gave her away.IMG_5549 IMG_5553 IMG_5599 IMG_5633 IMG_5637 IMG_5646 IMG_5653 IMG_5668 IMG_5673 IMG_5694IMG_6026 IMG_5707


Aren’t they the sweetest?! My FAVORITE portrait of the bride and groom right here!! IMG_4664IMG_4673IMG_5935IMG_5922IMG_5881

Isn’t this reception table decor the neatest?! I love the mini little tree stumps/slices for the candles to sit on!

IMG_5732 IMG_5734 IMG_5741 IMG_6131 IMG_6137 IMG_6204 IMG_6218 IMG_6233 IMG_6260

The AMAZING Brownie Layer Cake!!!
IMG_5758IMG_5761 IMG_6280 IMG_6297


When people made a racket for the bride & groom to kiss at the reception, Darin gave the best responses I’ve seen yet. 😉 IMG_6343 IMG_6455 IMG_6462


Did you catch the second to the last photo?? When I was going through the photos and editing I laughed out loud seeing MY sister (Lydia’s cousin, of course) dumping ALL the leftover rice on Darin and Lydia as they exited to their getaway truck! (I’m pretty sure they found rice everywhere for days and days with the amount everyone showered on them… and especially with that bowl falling over them so perfectly like a blanket! Haha)

Thank you for choosing me to capture your wedding day, Lydia & Darin! I loved it so, so much–ya’ll are the sweetest!! And welcome to the family, Darin!!!


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