2016 Senior Model Styled Boho Shoot – Springfield, Missouri

I am so excited to be sharing the beautiful images from my Spring Styled Shoot with my 2016 Senior Spokesmodels, and share a bit about each girl on my team! This is my first year taking on spokesmodels, and I am so thrilled with the 5 talented, kind, and beautiful girls I have on my team – The Chic Team! It was so much fun planning this styled shoot with the girls and I am absolutely thrilled with the results! We chose to go with a Dreamy Boho Theme and the girls pulled it off perfectly. I love how their hair and makeup gave a glamorized boho look, and the colors and dresses added so perfectly to the dreaminess of it all!

The gorgeous jewelry was provided by Devin Ashton Designs, perfect hairstyles were created by Kaylea Coffman from Salon Deco, and flawless makeup was done by Emily Grizzell.

I am officially booking Summer and Fall sessions, but have a limited number available so book early to secure your date! Please send me an email over on my contact page for details + available dates!

boho-styled-shoot-3boho-styled-shoot-25 boho-styled-shoot-6boho-styled-shoot-22 boho-styled-shoot-11 boho-styled-shoot-17 boho-styled-shoot-21boho-styled-shoot-5 boho-styled-shoot-23

I seriously have the most beautiful spokesmodels around!!! <3boho-styled-shoot-120


This beautiful girl has so many talents, and an incredibly kind personality that I love! She enjoys cooking, spending time outdoors, reading, softball, dancing, and loves being a part of FFA! She is also learning guitar, and I am dying to hear her play for me (she said she will soon)!! 🙂 She wants to either become a paramedic or veterinarian, and I think she will rock either career!

I absolutely love the answer Haley gave about how she shows kindness to those around her: “I try to ensure that every encounter with me is a good one, and will have a positive impact on someone’s days. It isn’t my place to judge someone’s behavior; I don’t know what they’re going through or anything, and being nice never hurt anyone.”boho-styled-shoot-87 boho-styled-shoot-30boho-styled-shoot-82boho-styled-shoot-81


This gorgeous girl has an incredibly deep and artistic side – just look at her Instagram feed and you’ll see beauty and depth in her posts! She loves to play the piano and write worship songs (amazing, right?!)!! She also enjoys cooking… especially desserts. Everywhere Emily goes through life will reflect her creativity, I am sure, and so much beauty will be created!

When it comes to ‘throwing kindness around like confetti’, this is how Emily does it: “One way I throw kindness around is by encouraging people. To some, it is just saying, ‘it was good to see you!’ and to others it’s, ‘I’m praying for you.’ Someone can be having a really bad day and all they need is someone to tell them they are amazing and to keep going.”
boho-styled-shoot-115boho-styled-shoot-89 boho-styled-shoot-33 boho-styled-shoot-39



Cheyenne is someone who seriously just sparkles with beauty, life and fun!!! She enjoys drama, singing in her high school choir, reading, and hanging out with friends! A dream of hers is to someday become a book editor. (I think books will definitely make an appearance in her Senior session!) 🙂

How Cheyenne seeks to show kindness to those around her at school: “I show kindness by helping out some of the younger kids coming in to high school and showing them around.” I don’t know who wouldn’t love to have this girl do that for them, from spending time with her I know she makes them feel “at home” so quickly!
boho-styled-shoot-49 boho-styled-shoot-51boho-styled-shoot-46 boho-styled-shoot-52


Jaylene loves to be active, talk, have fun, be goofy, and get things done! She has hopes of going on a missions trip to India, but until then she’s busy helping out right where she is with her sweet younger siblings (she’s the oldest of 8!)! She’s also an active lover of sports and plays both basketball and volleyball. I admire this girl’s heart and the beautiful friend and servant she is to others!

Jaylene’s ways of showing kindness to those around her: “I volunteer for people, help out with kids, and help my mom a lot also…. I’m always trying to be nice to others, and I love meeting new people!” This girl’s heart is so, so big and she shows it in everything she does. She is a great example of throwing kindness around like confetti! boho-styled-shoot-56

boho-styled-shoot-80 boho-styled-shoot-60 boho-styled-shoot-62



Haley is so athletic and has super sweet personality! She has a passion for dance and hopes to own her own dance studio someday!! Another dream of hers is to travel the world and walk the 7 mile beach in Jamaica (when you go there, Haley, I want to tag along)!  She currently has plans to major in Marine Biology at Texas A&M after high school. This gorgeous girl dreams big and it will be so exciting to watch where life takes her!!

What it mean for Haley to show kindness to others: “For me showing kindness is just living in the moment and not planning ahead in life too far. Being there for that person in that moment and showing you care because later in life you’re not going to talk about what happened, it’s the people who were there for in that moment living it with you.”boho-styled-shoot-75 boho-styled-shoot-64 boho-styled-shoot-69 boho-styled-shoot-70


Girls just wanna have fun (so we had to get in a few goofy shots during the shoot). 😉boho-styled-shoot-109 boho-styled-shoot-103

Look at these happy and gorgeous spokesmodels of mine!!! Ahh! <3boho-styled-shoot-106

Thank you, thank you to each of my incredible spokesmodels on The Chic Team!!! I love you girls so much and I am thrilled that I get to hang out with all of you during Senior year! Our first shoot together was SO much fun, and I look forward to all the fabulous things this year holds for The Chic Team!

XOXO, Ruth



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