The Word of the Lord Endures – Self-Portrait // May


“… The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: But the word of the Lord endureth forever.” – I Peter 1:24b-25a


Doing this month’s self-portrait ended up being extra special and meaningful to me. At the beginning of the month I had decided these verses about the Lord’s Word enduring forever would be my concept and inspiration for my self-portrait. My Bible is very special to me, and I like being able to ready from MY Bible, not off my phone or some other Bible… but then! just days after I decided to use my Bible for this month’s portrait I lost it!! I looked everywhere, asked everyone about it. My friend thought it was in his car, so I was relieved and next time I saw him I asked if he had brought my Bible only to hear him say that he realized it wasn’t in his car after all! I then searched through my church in every place it probably could never be, all around my house, and asked and asked and prayed and prayed that I’d find it all to no avail. Finally, I gave up. I was resigned to the fact that I would have to buy a new Bible, so I went to the store where I purchased my Bible to see if they still sold the same one; but no, they didn’t… and the publisher had stopped printing it. I was so sad and began searching for a new Bible since it had been 2 weeks and mine simply wasn’t showing up anywhere! Then, on Sunday, just as I was leaving church I decided to check the library (I had already looked through it thoroughly the week before) JUST in case someone had accidentally taken it, later realizing it wasn’t theirs, and brought it back… and sure enough, there it was – neatly sitting on a shelf waiting for me! I was so happy and relieved to find it that I couldn’t keep the tears from falling!! When I got out my Bible to do these self-portraits yesterday, it seemed extra special to hold in my hands. My Bible is the most precious thing I own, and I am soooo grateful for the encouragement and help I receive daily from the Word of God. Having lost my Bible and thinking I wouldn’t find it again has made it more valuable to me and realize that I do have a great treasure, whether I’m reading God’s Word in MY Bible, on my phone, or in another Bible. 


I am already dreaming about next month’s self-portrait as it will feature another item I was given last Sunday that I’ve fallen in love with!! 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait!


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