Sam & Jana’s Wedding – Springfield, MO

My little brother is married!! It’s hard for me to believe, but I am so happy for him and his bride Jana. Jana and I have been friends since I was 11, so it was doubly exciting to watch her marry my brother and become my sister! Jon Courville (Jana’s brother) was the main photographer, but he gladly let me shoot alongside him when I wasn’t otherwise occupied with bridesmaid duties.

Jana is one of the most creative people I know, and she can make practically anything she decides to. She even made her own wedding dress, and most all the decor was DIY’ed by her! Her and Sam love being a little out of the box, so they chose to do a 50s style wedding with their ceremony at 10am and a breakfast reception of coffee and doughnuts to follow. Also, the orange and yellow color scheme Jana chose could not have been a more perfect fit for who she is – orange has been her favorite color for as long as I’ve known her! A fun, casual wedding with a vintage 50s theme was her goal, and I think she pulled it off perfectly!!


sam-jana-11IMG_8872 IMG_8916 sam-jana-4sam-jana-9

Jana’s bouquet perfectly matched her style with lots of bright and unique elements!sam-jana-5 sam-jana-6

I was given the job of designing a newspaper for the wedding program and I had so much fun doing so!! It totaled 8 pages and was filled with the stories of how both Sam & Jana’s parents and grandparents met and married, comics, a sudoku puzzle, fun facts about the couple, and more.
sam-jana-8 sam-jana-10

Getting ready to walk down the “aisle.”sam-jana-12 sam-jana-15 sam-jana-16 sam-jana-17 sam-jana-18sam-jana-19Sam & Jana have a healthy appreciation for goofy photos. 😉
sam-jana-14 IMG_9675

Jana made lots of pennant banners and adorable pom pom garlands for both the ceremony and reception area. The wedding was filled with vintage and DIY things everywhere!!sam-jana-21 sam-jana-22 sam-jana-25

The doughnut cake for the breakfast reception!sam-jana-26 sam-jana-27

Jana’s sister Jenny made these delicious homemade cinnamon rolls!sam-jana-28

This was the perfect spin on favors for the doughnuts and coffee reception!!
sam-jana-29 sam-jana-30sam-jana-23 sam-jana-31sam-jana-24 sam-jana-32 sam-jana-33

And now there are 7 sisters! We’re so glad to have you as a sister now, Jana!!!

The Ueland brothers sam-jana-37

The Ueland (two now Walsh and Courville) sisterssam-jana-34 sam-jana-38sam-jana-36sam-jana-7 sam-jana-39 sam-jana-40

Sam did the best job picking out Jana’s ring – it’s a vintage ring from the 1920s!!sam-jana-41sam-jana-45

Staying true to themselves. 😉sam-jana-48 sam-jana-42sam-jana-46

And my favorite photo from the day. <3 They are so, so perfect for each other! sam-jana-47 sam-jana-43

The traditional Ueland cousin photo done at every Ueland wedding!! 🙂
sam-jana-44 sam-jana-49

A farmer Sam works with even provided a theme appropriate car for them to leave in. Perfect ending to their beautiful morning wedding!sam-jana-50 sam-jana-51 sam-jana-52

Sam & Jana’s wedding has officially gone down in my books as my favorite wedding to date! 🙂



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    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos!

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