Tim & Jamesy’s Wedding Day ||| San Diego, CA

Jamesy and I have known each other around 3 years and when she called me asking if I was available to be her photographer I was thrilled; not only because I love my job, but because she was getting MARRIED!! Tim was an answer to her, my, and many others’ prayers. Jamesy chose to¬†wait until God brought her the right man, and in her wait He was making Tim into just the husband her heart desired! Their entire love story is a beautiful testimony of God’s work and answered prayers – I wish I could share the entire thing here!! But anyway, back to being photographer. ūüėČ

Tim & Jamesy’s wedding day was so beautiful – the weather was perfect, every detail was beautiful, Jamesy and many friends added personal touches everywhere, and the colors were stunning (for all who know¬†I love purple you can see¬†how much I loved Jamesy’s color scheme)!! My favorite thing, though, about their wedding was how evident their love for Christ was. Tim & Jamesy’s relationship is deeply rooted in Christ, and when He¬†is part of a wedding day it gives everything more meaning and makes it that much more precious!

A big thank you to my wonderful second shooter РJamie Grant from Jamie Grant Photography

All the beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements were done by Jamie Bence from Faith Blooms

Flawless Hair & Makeup was done by Jeanette Markley from Tease Salon Studios


Jamesy’s “something old” has the sweetest story behind it!! Tim saw this necklace and bracelet set years and years ago on a day out shopping with his mom and admired how “it looked so beautiful like what a princess would¬†wear.” His Mom asked if he would like if his bride wore it someday and he said yes. She purchased the set and saved it until he was older, then gave it to him to give his bride someday. After Tim proposed to Jamesy he gave her the set to wear on their wedding day!!tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-4 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-2 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-5 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-7tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-22This bouquet is one of my favorite ever!!!! Love, LOVE!
tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-8 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-10 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-11 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-12 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-13 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-14 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-29tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-30tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-32

Jamesy, you are a gorgeous woman… but as I’ve gotten to know you in the past few years I’ve found your heart is even more beautiful than your outward beauty!

SO grateful for my second shooter, Jamie, who captured all the awesome portraits of the guys!!tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-24 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-25 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-33 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-37tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-35tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-28tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-27

The beautiful bride!!tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-45tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-44 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-46 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-48 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-49 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-50tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-54 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-51tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-57 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-53 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-55tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-56

Dad’s first look. Jamesy’s Mom went home to Heaven last Fall and her presence was missed through the entire day, but as Jamesy said – “maybe God gave her a little glimpse from Heaven of today.” Jamesy’s wedding day was a huge answer to her mom’s prayers and dreams for her.¬†tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-58 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-60

Tim & Jamesy chose not to see each other before the ceremony, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t take a moment to pray together before walking down the aisle.tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-62 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-64tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-1-2 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-67 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-68 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-69 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-70 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-71 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-72 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-73 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-74 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-75

“Wait a minute, I want just one more kiss!”tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-80 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-81 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-82tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-88

Jamesy’s adoring little nieces.tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-86 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-89 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-90 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-91

“Please welcome Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Tardo!!”tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-92

tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-93tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-83tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-84tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-85 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-94 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-95

The MC had a great game to see just how well Tim & Jamesy actually know each other. It was hilarious to watch and had the whole room filled with laughter!
tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-103 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-104 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-105

Tim & Jamesy made their own personal wedding cake together!! How sweet is that?! tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-97

Time for a get away in style!!!tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-99tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-106 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-98 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-100tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-107 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-101 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-102 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-108

And now, for my favorite part of the day!! After the getaway, I met up with Tim & Jamesy¬†at Old Poway Park for their portraits. It was a relaxed and sweet time capturing their love! And for the record, Tim was so helpful – wow!! my second shooter had left by that time but he was ready to fluff Jamesy’s train, put a stray hair back in place, reapply her lip gloss, or do anything else he saw needing¬†to be done.tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-110tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-109 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-111 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-112 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-113 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-114 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-115 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-119 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-124 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-125 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-126 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-127tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-129 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-128 tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-130tim-jamesy-san-diego-wedding-120

Tim & Jamesy, thank you for choosing me to capture your beautiful day. I absolutely loved having a part in your wedding as you celebrated becoming husband and wife. I am so happy for both of you!! Blessings on your marriage as you grow closer together and to the Lord!!

XOXO, Ruth

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