Emily – 2016 Senior // Springfield, MO

Emily is one of my Senior spokesmodels and was the first 2016 Senior in front of my camera!! I absolutely LOVE this girl.  Walking around town with Emily for the first part of her portraits was awesome, and then going out to a farm where my brothers kindly moved an old piano so her dream of Senior portraits with a piano could come true was even more incredible!!! If her session is a sample of what this year holds for my 2016 Seniors, bring it on!

emily-senior-springfield-mo-1 emily-senior-springfield-mo-2 emily-senior-springfield-mo-4 emily-senior-springfield-mo-5 emily-senior-springfield-mo-6emily-senior-springfield-mo-8 emily-senior-springfield-mo-7 emily-senior-springfield-mo-9 emily-senior-springfield-mo-10IMG_6689IMG_6729 emily-senior-springfield-mo-11 emily-senior-springfield-mo-12 emily-senior-springfield-mo-13 emily-senior-springfield-mo-14 emily-senior-springfield-mo-15emily-senior-springfield-mo-17 emily-senior-springfield-mo-16 emily-senior-springfield-mo-18

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your Senior photographer, Emily! And thank you for being a part of The Chic Team. You’re beautiful – inside and out! I love your heart for Jesus and those around you!! Xoxo, Ruth


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