Andrew & Leanna’s Wedding Day // Fargo, ND


Leanna is one of many wonderful cousins in the Ueland clan, and I was thrilled to capture her and Andrew’s wedding day. Every part of their day was absolutely beautiful and filled with meaningful moments.. and of course, some fun ones too! (You’ll get a taste with a few of Andrew’s expressions throughout the post.) 😉 The best part of the entire day, though, was simply witnessing the love Andrew & Leanna have that is centered around Christ. Their love is deep and intimate with a firm foundation in Christ, and I love how it shows through their images.

Enjoy the highlights from Andrew & Leanna’s gorgeous day! (Good thing we start off with details because they were amazing!! I loved every one SO much – from Leanna’s pearl necklace to the intricate edging on her veil! Not to mention, the coral and navy color scheme is perfectly lovely!)

andrew-leanna-wedding-3 andrew-leanna-wedding-4 andrew-leanna-wedding-10

LOVE this shot of Leanna’s pearls!andrew-leanna-wedding-8andrew-leanna-wedding-1 andrew-leanna-wedding-9

Look at this edging on her veil! SO perfect. andrew-leanna-wedding-13 andrew-leanna-wedding-15 andrew-leanna-wedding-16andrew-leanna-wedding-5 andrew-leanna-wedding-17 andrew-leanna-wedding-20

Someone’s excited to see his bride. 😉andrew-leanna-wedding-21 andrew-leanna-wedding-23andrew-leanna-wedding-27 andrew-leanna-wedding-24 andrew-leanna-wedding-25 andrew-leanna-wedding-29andrew-leanna-wedding-32 andrew-leanna-wedding-31 andrew-leanna-wedding-33 andrew-leanna-wedding-35 andrew-leanna-wedding-36

Their expressions when I asked for their “We’re getting married today!!” faces! andrew-leanna-wedding-37 andrew-leanna-wedding-38 andrew-leanna-wedding-39 andrew-leanna-wedding-40 andrew-leanna-wedding-41 andrew-leanna-wedding-42andrew-leanna-wedding-46andrew-leanna-wedding-45andrew-leanna-wedding-44

These colors, though! So beautiful!andrew-leanna-wedding-43andrew-leanna-wedding-48andrew-leanna-wedding-52 andrew-leanna-wedding-47andrew-leanna-wedding-54 andrew-leanna-wedding-49 andrew-leanna-wedding-50 andrew-leanna-wedding-51 andrew-leanna-wedding-55

Andrew’s sisters are amazing musicians and played for the processional! Wish I could have some background music for this post with their playing! 🙂andrew-leanna-wedding-58 andrew-leanna-wedding-60 andrew-leanna-wedding-63 andrew-leanna-wedding-64 andrew-leanna-wedding-65 andrew-leanna-wedding-66 andrew-leanna-wedding-67 andrew-leanna-wedding-68

On their way to the reception we stopped by a beautiful fountain in Downtown Fargo for a few more couple shots!andrew-leanna-wedding-74 andrew-leanna-wedding-69 andrew-leanna-wedding-71 andrew-leanna-wedding-73 andrew-leanna-wedding-75 andrew-leanna-wedding-78 andrew-leanna-wedding-80andrew-leanna-wedding-89 andrew-leanna-wedding-90andrew-leanna-wedding-72 andrew-leanna-wedding-91 andrew-leanna-wedding-95 andrew-leanna-wedding-96

During the reception we snuck out to do a few couple portraits under this beautiful tree on a sidewalk near the church, but I decided to save these for the end. You know? Save the best for last! andrew-leanna-wedding-85andrew-leanna-wedding-83andrew-leanna-wedding-82andrew-leanna-wedding-84andrew-leanna-wedding-86 andrew-leanna-wedding-88

Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer, Andrew & Leanna!! I loved your wedding day so much! May the Lord bless your marriage. And… welcome to the family, Andrew!!! 🙂 🙂

  • Nancy said:

    lovely photos. You both look so in LOVE and FILLED with JOY. I loved the dresses of both the bride and the bridesmaids. So nice to see both modest but BEAUTIFUL dresses.. The colors were beautiful. GOD Bless you now as you start your journey !

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