Dillon & Amy’s Wedding Day


Last month my cousin, Amy, married her best friend, Dillon; and I got to capture their special day! Dillon & Amy are such a fun and sweet couple… they have a good mix of romance and goofiness. 😉 They were so easy to work with, and their whole wedding day was filled with so much love, not only theirs as they became one, but the love of their family for them and each other was so clear too throughout the entire day!! Best of all, both families love Jesus so much… and it was beautiful to see them come together as one in Christ for Dillon & Amy’s wedding day!! 🙂

dillon-amy-1dillon-amy-13 dillon-amy-5 dillon-amy-6 dillon-amy-7


Okay, I LOVE this ring shot!!!dillon-amy-3 dillon-amy-9 dillon-amy-19 dillon-amy-24 dillon-amy-23 dillon-amy-22dillon-amy-11 dillon-amy-10dillon-amy-8 dillon-amy-14 dillon-amy-15 dillon-amy-17 dillon-amy-18 dillon-amy-21dillon-amy-20 dillon-amy-25 dillon-amy-26 dillon-amy-27 dillon-amy-28

They’re too sweet!dillon-amy-29 dillon-amy-31 dillon-amy-32 dillon-amy-33 dillon-amy-34

One of my absolute favorites!! Amy’s expressions shows just how much she adores her man!dillon-amy-37 dillon-amy-38 dillon-amy-39 dillon-amy-40 dillon-amy-41 dillon-amy-42 dillon-amy-43 dillon-amy-44

Don’t you just love their bouquets?! dillon-amy-46dillon-amy-51dillon-amy-52 dillon-amy-47 dillon-amy-48

Amy’s sister-in-law (Mommy to the 3 flower girls) made their AWESOME dresses!! I couldn’t stop talking about how much I loved the flower girl dresses… and the little flower girls couldn’t stop twirling and playing with all their layers of tulle. It was darling!
dillon-amy-49 dillon-amy-50

Amy, you’re just so beautiful!!!dillon-amy-60


dillon-amy-55 dillon-amy-56

Family formals got a little crazy. This may or may not be a favorite from the wedding day. 😉dillon-amy-57

Amy with her new sisters!!dillon-amy-58

Time to get married!!!!dillon-amy-64 dillon-amy-65 dillon-amy-66 dillon-amy-68

This church was GORGEOUS! dillon-amy-70 dillon-amy-72

Amy’s dream of being carried down the aisle came true!! dillon-amy-1-3 dillon-amy-74

dillon-amy-75 dillon-amy-77 dillon-amy-81dillon-amy-80

The bride can’t have any grain, and believe it or not, her two sisters managed to pull off making a beautiful (and tasty – I tasted it!) wedding cake that was completely grain and gluten free!!!dillon-amy-76dillon-amy-79 dillon-amy-83 dillon-amy-84 dillon-amy-85

There were many heartfelt speeches and sweet hugs throughout the reception. <3 dillon-amy-87 dillon-amy-88 dillon-amy-89 dillon-amy-92 dillon-amy-93

After the wedding we went to the grounds of a beautiful, old mansion for portraits of Amy & Dillon… definitely my favorite part of photographing their wedding day!!dillon-amy-94

They’d got an engagement portrait doing a pull-up on this tree so they had to recreate it in their wedding clothes. 😉dillon-amy-95 dillon-amy-96 dillon-amy-97

Loved Amy’s foot jewelry and her “something blue.”dillon-amy-98 dillon-amy-99 dillon-amy-100

Another favorite!dillon-amy-101 dillon-amy-102 dillon-amy-104 dillon-amy-106

Most of my brides and grooms don’t lay down on the ground for portraits… but Dillon & Amy were up for anything. I love how this shot turned out!dillon-amy-107 dillon-amy-108dillon-amy-105

Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer, Amy & Dillon!! Loved being a part of your wedding day! Congrats to both of you! And welcome to the family, Dillon!! Stings! 😉

Xoxo, Ruth

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