Dinner Party + Color War – The Chic Team

I can’t believe this awesome evening happened only 3 weeks ago!! I LOVE spending time with my spokesmodels, and our get togethers don’t happen often enough… especially when it’s a pretty dinner party with a crazy paint war to follow! Our evening was a BLAST! One of my spokesmodels, Emily, couldn’t make it because of work… and so we decided that we will just have to make it happen soon again. You can never have too many paint wars, or eat too much delectable food. 😉

Enjoy the photos! Be sure not miss the hilarious ones at the end that we took after the paint war. 😉


LOVE how the bouquet turned out for the table’s centerpiece! I had so much fun pulling together the decor for the dinner party. IMG_6220IMG_6221IMG_6215

I couldn’t have been more pleased with how all the table decor turned out! Love it so, so much!!!
IMG_6227 IMG_6217 IMG_6242

Before the paint war we did a few “throw kindness around like confetti” photos!!! 🙂 🙂IMG_6280

IMG_6273 IMG_6284

Before the paint war:IMG_6289

And after:IMG_6374

The actions shots!! 😀IMG_6295 IMG_6310 IMG_6325

I loved how their hair looked afterwards!!IMG_6397

Jaylene!!IMG_6401 IMG_6406

Haley Paige!!IMG_6412 IMG_6413

Cheyenne!!IMG_6424 IMG_6433

Haley Elizabeth!!IMG_6443 IMG_6447

Haley is an INCREDIBLE dancer! This is one of my favorites from our evening!IMG_6360

“Let’s all do our sport!” – Jaylene “And what if you don’t have one??” – Cheyenne


Annnnd Haley trumps everyone with the splits! 😉IMG_6516

Let’s do it again, girls!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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