Cheyenne – Ava High School 2016 Senior

Cheyenne’s session was a blast! I love this girl and all her fun personality. Having her on The Chic Team has added so much fun to our get togethers, and I just love the life she adds to everything she’s involved in!! 🙂 I love, love the outfits she chose for her session that reflected all the different aspects of her personality, and the fun props she brought along, including a cool mic featured in the first photo! I was also secretly hoping that one of my Seniors would want to do some photos by the water, and Cheyenne asked for just that!! The photos by the water are probably my favoritest of favorites from her session!! This girl is so beautiful, and I never get enough of her gorgeous red hair!! Enjoy her beautiful portraits!

IMG_6740IMG_6651 IMG_6654 IMG_6677 IMG_6683 IMG_6694

Ummm… you may want to notice how incredible her beautiful brown eyes are in this shot!!IMG_6791 IMG_6810

She’s a book-lover!!! 😀IMG_6873 IMG_6880

That hair, though!IMG_6960 IMG_6977IMG_7240 IMG_7056 IMG_7079 IMG_7085 IMG_7105 IMG_7122 IMG_7144 IMG_7180IMG_7135

LOVE having you on The Chic Team, Chey! You’re so beautiful – inside and out! I love your personality, and fun outlook on life! You’re awesome! 😀


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