Jaylene – Cabool High 2016 Senior

So Jaylene’s Senior session was AWESOME! I love, loved all the fun things she brought along – bubbles, confetti, glitter, books, and some hilarious expressions. 😉 This girl is so much fun, and I am thrilled she’s one of my 2016 Senior Spokesmodels on The Chic Team! Enjoy all my favorites from her Summer Senior Session!

IMG_7411 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-1

Fun? Um, this girl is like fun x 100!jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-2 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-6

I think VANS should probably hire Jaylene as a foot model. haha!jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-7 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-8

Jaylene’s Audrey Hepburn style dress was oh, so fabulous!!jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-9jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-11 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-10 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-13 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-14jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-12jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-15 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-16

Our 2nd locations on an old back road is less than a mile from my house and I have officially fallen in LOVE with it! Look at the LIGHT in these photos!

Girl, you’re killin’ it here! IMG_8074 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-18 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-20 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-22 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-23

Jaylene should receive an award for being able to do the picture-perfect “blowing glitter” shot. 😉 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-19

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