Dan & Kaylea’s Wedding // Stone Chapel – Springfield, MO


I was thrilled to shoot Dan & Kaylea’s beautiful, morning wedding at the Drury Stone Chapel in Springfield! Kaylea’s parents were married in it years ago, so having their daughter’s wedding also in Stone Chapel made it extra special!! Dan serves in the army, making it my first time to shoot a military wedding! I loved it!! Kaylea chose navy and red to perfectly compliment the military uniforms; and the colors + details made for such a classy wedding theme! Your wedding was beautiful, Kaylea! So glad I got to be your wedding photographer even though it meant I had to squeeze TWO weddings into the same day!!

IMG_8190IMG_8218IMG_8223 IMG_8207

At the beginning of the ceremony Kaylea’s dad handed over the key for this sweet necklace Kaylea was given years ago to Dan. SUCH a sweet moment that brought tears to many eyes.

LOVE their wedding set!!IMG_8235

Okay, loved ALL the jewelry! Kaylea has such classy style!IMG_8240 IMG_8253 IMG_8285 IMG_8291 IMG_8295_MG_8833_MG_8840

The handsome groom! I am so grateful those serving in the military to protect our country._MG_8925


Time for a first look! Love these moments so much!IMG_8313 IMG_8319IMG_8316 IMG_8347 IMG_8366IMG_8451 IMG_8371IMG_8405 IMG_8410 IMG_8417_MG_9011IMG_9043IMG_9047

Kaylea’s hair…that bouquet! My heart! IMG_8481 IMG_8489 IMG_8516IMG_8709 IMG_8584IMG_8687IMG_8662 IMG_8592IMG_8495IMG_8689 IMG_8621 IMG_8629

Kaylea and her sweet Mama. <3 IMG_8695

Daddy’s girl_MG_9095

Inside beautiful Stone Chapel!IMG_8728 IMG_8801 IMG_8816 IMG_8836 IMG_8884 IMG_9223

I didn’t get to even witness these photos being taken at the reception because I had to go on to my 2nd wedding of the day, but I love the images my second shooter, and sister, captured of the reception! And this cake is just… perfect.
_MG_9310_MG_9537IMG_9497_MG_9346 IMG_9598_MG_9573_MG_9569

Farewell and best wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Kline!!! IMG_9655

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