Logan & Elizabeth’s Wedding Day

When I arrived at Elizabeth’s apartment where she and her girls were getting ready I knew this wedding was going to make my delicate-beauty-loving-heart so happy – Elizabeth has such elegant tastes, and her love for delicate beauty was shown in everything, from her earrings to the reception decor! Logan & Elizabeth’s wedding day was filled with beauty, but better yet it was filled with their love for Jesus… it always excites me to work with a couple who loves Jesus and makes that evident throughout their wedding day. Also, this was my first time shooting a Russian wedding and I LOVED it – so much good food, laughing, music, and fun!!

Enjoy all the highlights from this gorgeous wedding day!!! <3

Logan-ellie-1-2Logan-ellie-2Logan-ellie-3 Logan-ellie-4

Her earrings, her bouquet, her veil… be still, my heart!Logan-ellie-5 Logan-ellie-6Logan-ellie-15 Logan-ellie-7 Logan-ellie-8Logan-ellie-1-3 Logan-ellie-11 Logan-ellie-9Logan-ellie-10Logan-ellie-14 Logan-ellie-13 Logan-ellie-16

Awwww! I love this shot so much… and better yet, it was not even posed! Logan-ellie-17 Logan-ellie-19 Logan-ellie-20 Logan-ellie-21

Time for Logan to see his gorgeous bride!
Logan-ellie-22 Logan-ellie-23 Logan-ellie-25 Logan-ellie-26

We grabbed a few shots in downtown Springfield before heading to a park for portraits.Logan-ellie-28 Logan-ellie-30 Logan-ellie-31 Logan-ellie-32 Logan-ellie-33 Logan-ellie-34 Logan-ellie-36 Logan-ellie-37 Logan-ellie-38 Logan-ellie-39Logan-ellie-75Logan-ellie-74Logan-ellie-71

I just can NOT get over these stunning bouquets! They were huge and filled with all my favorite florals!Logan-ellie-72

If flower girls with baby’s breath flower crowns are not the sweetest things ever, what are!?Logan-ellie-41Logan-ellie-47 Logan-ellie-42 Logan-ellie-43 Logan-ellie-44 Logan-ellie-46 Logan-ellie-48 Logan-ellie-50 Logan-ellie-51

One of my favorites… and it was taken by my second shooter & sister, Joanna!!Logan-ellie-45 Logan-ellie-52 Logan-ellie-56 Logan-ellie-57 Logan-ellie-58 Logan-ellie-59 Logan-ellie-60 Logan-ellie-61

Another favorite! Aren’t they darling together?!Logan-ellie-62 Logan-ellie-63 Logan-ellie-64 Logan-ellie-65 Logan-ellie-67 Logan-ellie-68 Logan-ellie-69

Both the ceremony and reception were held in this gorgeous ballroom!Logan-ellie-76Logan-ellie-78 Logan-ellie-83 Logan-ellie-89

Here comes the bride!!Logan-ellie-91 Logan-ellie-92Logan-ellie-88 Logan-ellie-93

Tender moments. <3 Logan-ellie-95

Logan & Elizabeth washed each other’s feet as a symbol of their commitment to serving each other. So sweet!Logan-ellie-97 Logan-ellie-98Logan-ellie-94 Logan-ellie-99 Logan-ellie-100 Logan-ellie-102

Mr. & Mrs. Logan Sayre!!!Logan-ellie-103

The reception head table was killer… oh my goodness! It was nothing less than perfect!Logan-ellie-106 Logan-ellie-107 Logan-ellie-108 Logan-ellie-109 Logan-ellie-111 Logan-ellie-113Logan-ellie-85 Logan-ellie-114 Logan-ellie-115 Logan-ellie-116Logan-ellie-104

Okay, so I have never seen so much delicious food at a wedding before! Russians know how to feed you well + give you a good time!
Logan-ellie-117 Logan-ellie-118 Logan-ellie-123

The Shoe Game!Logan-ellie-124

So this game was hilarious to watch… it was a mix between musical chairs and a scavenger hunt! Confused? Yeah, I would be too but I can’t spend an hour typing out an explanation of how it worked. haha! Logan-ellie-125 Logan-ellie-126 Logan-ellie-127 Logan-ellie-128 Logan-ellie-129

One of my favorite shots from the day. Ellie and her darling little sister. <3Logan-ellie-1-4 Logan-ellie-132 Logan-ellie-133 Logan-ellie-134 Logan-ellie-135Logan-ellie-79 Logan-ellie-86

Watching them feed each other cake (aka, their cake war) may have been the best part of the reception. 😉Logan-ellie-136Logan-ellie-131 Logan-ellie-137 Logan-ellie-138 Logan-ellie-139 Logan-ellie-140 Logan-ellie-141 Logan-ellie-142

Congratulations, Logan & Elizabeth! Your day was beautiful! Thank you for choosing me to capture all these precious memories for you to cherish forever!!

XOXO, Ruth

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