Favorite Senior Portraits of 2015


This post was so much fun to pull together! I love all the Seniors I worked with in 2015 and I can’t wait for all the Seniors I will have in front of my lens this year. Through 2015 I found myself and my style, and coming back to all my favorites from the year has been a wonderful experience – it is inspiring for me to see how I grew through the year, and makes me excited for what 2016 will bring! Giving Seniors a classy, elegant experience makes me so happy… but I care about more than just the pretty portraits, what matters most to me is beautiful hearts… it’s been a privilege getting to know my Seniors from this year. They’re beautiful… not just on the outside, but best of all, on the inside.
IMG_9938IMG_0463IMG_0255IMG_0023 IMG_0094IMG_0327 IMG_0169 IMG_0268 IMG_0323 IMG_0215 IMG_0487IMG_0299IMG_0029 1 IMG_1171 IMG_1191 IMG_2504 IMG_2530-edithaley-senior-session-ava-4haley-senior-session-ava-12haley-senior-session-ava-11haley-senior-session-ava-7IMG_7969-1haley-senior-portraits-springfield-park-13haley-senior-portraits-springfield-park-8haley-senior-portraits-springfield-park-7haley-senior-portraits-springfield-park-4 IMG_5332 IMG_5356 IMG_5548 IMG_6284 IMG_6397-4IMG_6360-2IMG_6371 IMG_6652 IMG_6663-2 IMG_6699IMG_7106 IMG_6950 IMG_6977IMG_6654 IMG_7085 IMG_7135IMG_3246IMG_3137IMG_3005IMG_2936IMG_3311 IMG_7411 IMG_8074 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-10 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-12 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-15 jaylene-senior-cabool-mo-19

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