Taylor & Johnna’s Wedding Day

I’ve known Taylor & Johnna for years so it was extra special getting to capture all the memories from the day they became one. Their wedding was a perfect reflection of their personalities, and my favorite part was how they incorporated Christ in their ceremony and throughout the day. When couples begin their marriage with Christ at the center it always makes the entire day more special and filled with depth and beautiful meaning that goes beyond the pretty dresses and decorations.

Taylor & Johnna’s wedding was the “perfect Winter wedding” even without any snow! Everything was cozy and gave the Winter-feel – from snowflake necklaces to Hot Cocoa at their reception! Johnna even had cinnamon sticks, pine cones, and cedar in her bouquet making it my favorite winter bouquet to date. Enjoy all the highlights from their gorgeous Winter wedding!


taylor-johnna-3 taylor-johnna-5 taylor-johnna-6

I’m in love with Johnna’s engagement ring and wedding band!! taylor-johnna-7 taylor-johnna-8taylor-johnna-88taylor-johnna-15 taylor-johnna-9 taylor-johnna-10

Lately I am becoming more and more obsessed with “out of focus, artistically-focused” images. taylor-johnna-11

If you know these guys, you’ll know that the wedding portraits wouldn’t be complete without some jumping portraits, especially taking into consideration who Taylor’s best man is. 😉 taylor-johnna-12 taylor-johnna-13 taylor-johnna-14

Such a sweet First Look!! And a sweet lady who let us borrow her beautiful front porch for the First Look and some portraits as we waited for the rain to stop so we could do photos at the park across the street!!taylor-johnna-21 taylor-johnna-24

One of my all-time favorite First Look images. <3 taylor-johnna-25 taylor-johnna-26 taylor-johnna-27 taylor-johnna-28 taylor-johnna-30 taylor-johnna-32

This bouquet, this bouquet!! I love it so much!!!taylor-johnna-38 taylor-johnna-34 taylor-johnna-35taylor-johnna-180 taylor-johnna-37 taylor-johnna-36 taylor-johnna-40 taylor-johnna-41 taylor-johnna-42

My sister Joanna, and second shooter, is becoming quite the photographer! She gets the most fabulous detail shots like this for me during portrait time… this is one of my favorite images from the entire day!! taylor-johnna-43 taylor-johnna-44 taylor-johnna-45 taylor-johnna-46

One of my FAVORITES!!! taylor-johnna-48 taylor-johnna-49 taylor-johnna-50

Isn’t this ceremony decorated so perfectly for a Winter wedding?? I love those old doors with beautiful, wintery wreaths!taylor-johnna-105taylor-johnna-107 taylor-johnna-54 taylor-johnna-53 taylor-johnna-55taylor-johnna-58 taylor-johnna-59 taylor-johnna-60taylor-johnna-66 taylor-johnna-61 taylor-johnna-62 taylor-johnna-64 taylor-johnna-67 taylor-johnna-68 taylor-johnna-70 taylor-johnna-71taylor-johnna-69 taylor-johnna-72 taylor-johnna-73

They may appear sweet, but they also have a crazy side that is alive and well. 😉taylor-johnna-74 taylor-johnna-75 taylor-johnna-76 taylor-johnna-77 taylor-johnna-78 taylor-johnna-79 taylor-johnna-80 taylor-johnna-81taylor-johnna-92 taylor-johnna-83 taylor-johnna-84 taylor-johnna-85 taylor-johnna-87 taylor-johnna-91

We snuck out of the reception for a few minutes to get a few more sweet couple shots, and this one of Taylor spinning Johnna in circles is one of my favorites… and one of their “signature” things. taylor-johnna-93 taylor-johnna-94taylor-johnna-95 taylor-johnna-96 taylor-johnna-98 taylor-johnna-99 taylor-johnna-100taylor-johnna-89


You know it’s a good exit when you have to post three shots from it. 😉taylor-johnna-101taylor-johnna-103 taylor-johnna-102

Congratulations, Taylor & Johnna… enjoy your happily ever after! Thank you for choosing me to capture all the fun, sweet, and emotional moments from your wedding day. Love you guys!taylor-johnna-104

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