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Taylor & Johnna’s Wedding Day

Taylor & Johnna's Wedding Day
I've known Taylor & Johnna for years so it was extra special getting to capture all the memories from the day they became one. Their wedding was a perfect reflection of their personalities, and my favorite part was how they incorporated Christ in their ceremony and throughout the day. When couples begin their marriage with Christ at the center it always makes the [...]

Bobby & Meagan’s Wedding Day // Rogers, AR

Bobby & Meagan's Wedding Day // Rogers, AR
Wow! I don't even know where to start - her dress, their love, the emotion, her shoes, the reflection of Christ in them - it was all so incredible! Bobby & Meagan's wedding was the PERFECT way to end this year's wedding season. I am so honored that Meagan asked me to capture her gorgeous wedding day as she and the love of her life were wed. I could go on for hours[...]

Logan & Elizabeth’s Wedding Day

Logan & Elizabeth's Wedding Day
When I arrived at Elizabeth's apartment where she and her girls were getting ready I knew this wedding was going to make my delicate-beauty-loving-heart so happy - Elizabeth has such elegant tastes, and her love for delicate beauty was shown in everything, from her earrings to the reception decor! Logan & Elizabeth's wedding day was filled with beauty, but better[...]

Cody & Sarah’s Wedding // Marshfield, MO

Cody & Sarah's Wedding // Marshfield, MO
Wow! I am so excited to share this wedding!! For one, I've known Sarah since I was 6 and she's one of the sweetest people I know, and second, her wedding is probably my favorite to date! Cody & Sarah are darling together... from when I did their engagement session I knew they would be a dream to photograph on their wedding day!! It also means so much seeing how Co[...]

Dan & Kaylea’s Wedding // Stone Chapel – Springfield, MO

Dan & Kaylea's Wedding // Stone Chapel - Springfield, MO
  I was thrilled to shoot Dan & Kaylea's beautiful, morning wedding at the Drury Stone Chapel in Springfield! Kaylea's parents were married in it years ago, so having their daughter's wedding also in Stone Chapel made it extra special!! Dan serves in the army, making it my first time to shoot a military wedding! I loved it!! Kaylea chose navy and red to pe[...]

Dillon & Amy’s Wedding Day

Dillon & Amy's Wedding Day
  Last month my cousin, Amy, married her best friend, Dillon; and I got to capture their special day! Dillon & Amy are such a fun and sweet couple... they have a good mix of romance and goofiness. ;) They were so easy to work with, and their whole wedding day was filled with so much love, not only theirs as they became one, but the love of their family for t[...]

Andrew & Leanna’s Wedding Day // Fargo, ND

Andrew & Leanna's Wedding Day // Fargo, ND
  Leanna is one of many wonderful cousins in the Ueland clan, and I was thrilled to capture her and Andrew's wedding day. Every part of their day was absolutely beautiful and filled with meaningful moments.. and of course, some fun ones too! (You'll get a taste with a few of Andrew's expressions throughout the post.) ;) The best part of the entire day, though, w[...]

Tim & Jamesy’s Wedding Day ||| San Diego, CA

Tim & Jamesy's Wedding Day ||| San Diego, CA
Jamesy and I have known each other around 3 years and when she called me asking if I was available to be her photographer I was thrilled; not only because I love my job, but because she was getting MARRIED!! Tim was an answer to her, my, and many others' prayers. Jamesy chose to wait until God brought her the right man, and in her wait He was making Tim into just the [...]

Sam & Jana’s Wedding – Springfield, MO

Sam & Jana's Wedding - Springfield, MO
My little brother is married!! It's hard for me to believe, but I am so happy for him and his bride Jana. Jana and I have been friends since I was 11, so it was doubly exciting to watch her marry my brother and become my sister! Jon Courville (Jana's brother) was the main photographer, but he gladly let me shoot alongside him when I wasn't otherwise occupied with brid[...]

Darin & Lydia’s Wedding Day — Fargo, ND

Darin & Lydia's Wedding Day -- Fargo, ND
When I received a call from my cousin Lydia saying she wanted me to be her wedding photographer I was honored and incredibly excited! Being the photographer at a wedding is fun, of course, when you're friends with the bride, but twice as much fun when she's your cousin too!! I'm so happy for Lydia and her groom, Darin! He got an amazing girl, and seems like a pretty g[...]