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Dinner Party + Color War – The Chic Team

Dinner Party + Color War - The Chic Team
I can't believe this awesome evening happened only 3 weeks ago!! I LOVE spending time with my spokesmodels, and our get togethers don't happen often enough... especially when it's a pretty dinner party with a crazy paint war to follow! Our evening was a BLAST! One of my spokesmodels, Emily, couldn't make it because of work... and so we decided that we will just have t[...]

Something NEW and Exciting

Something NEW and Exciting
So if you follow me over on Instagram you may have noticed a few hints dropped here and there about me taking on Senior Spokesmodels for 2016.... and yes, the rumors are true! I am excited to announce a new part of my business - THE CHIC TEAM!! It is an exclusive group of 2016 Senior spokesmodels for Ruth Susanna Photography! The Chic Team will include, but is not [...]